Gallbladder Removal and Difficulties

A patient with a gallbladder disease usually screams when attacked by the symptoms. This is the most reason why the patients opt themselves to undergo a surgery that will free them from pain and illness that may only lead to cancer.

Gallbladder disease is mostly cured by medicinal treatment, although treating this disease in a natural way is good too but the effect will take a long time before become visible. The surgeon will cut inside the belly of the patient to open it. The surgeon will create 5-7 inch cut at the upper right of the stomach to inject the laparoscope.

A similar like-tube, which is injected inside the body with a small camera attached with it, will be plug on the medical television used in surgery to see and maneuver it properly. The gallbladder removal may take a long amount of time. The surgeon will create 5-7 inch cut at the upper right of the stomach to inject the laparoscope. The doctor will cut the blood vessel and the bile duct that goes to the gallbladder.

The procedure is performed when the patient is already undergo in a surgery in the body,  has a problem of indigestion, infection, vomiting and nausea and experiencing pain after eating usually the upper part of the stomach or in the middle area. The reasons why the surgeon change the procedure of gallbladder removal from laparoscope to open removal of gallbladder are bleeding problems, lung disease, pancreatitis, liver problems, pregnancy and obesity.

Before the surgery time, you must consult your doctor if the anesthesia that will be used is compatible with your body. Sometimes anesthesia is the common risk of blood clots in the lungs and legs, heart problems and pneumonia. Aside from the anesthesia there are also some risks in gallbladder surgery procedure such as infection, bleeding, pancreas inflammation and injury in bile duct, large and small intestine. But the risks in surgery procedure are not common.

After the removal of the gallbladder you must know that there are numerous types of foods that may affect the wound cause by the surgery such as shrimp, chicken and other stinky foods mostly found on the water. There are also some foods that maybe good before the surgery but this similar food can be the cause of the stitches to collapse after the surgery.

There are different types of procedures that will be given by the doctor but there are some websites from the internet that can be helpful to. The success rate of the procedure will depend on the surgeon. You must choose a doctor that is well proven and has many experiences in doing this procedure.

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